エドワード・ワインズロー・マイケル(Edward Weinzierl Michael)
     Hello! My name is Edward Weinzierl. Please call me Ed(o). I'm from La Crosse Wisconsin in the United States. I was an ALT in Junior high schools in Tokyo before coming to Ishigakijima.It's nice to meet you! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!


  ケイレブ・ユーイング・リー(Caleb Ewing Lee)
 Hello my name is Caleb Ewing. I am from Plattsmouth, Nebraska in the United States. I live in Ishigaki and teach at various schools in Taketomi-cho. My hobbies include computers, games of all kinds, and martial arts. I wish to teach my students not only English, but to love learning in general. Nice to meet you!

  マーク(Mark Wallace)
 Hello, My name is Mark Wallace. I am from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. My interest include: listening to music, playing frisbee, drawing, exercising and eating ice cream. Nice to meet you!